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Corralejo dune buggy tour

   Enjoy your tour across the soul of fuerteventura, beautiful landscape . Desert , volcanos and beautiful views. Lunar views in gravel track for 80% of your tour. Dust and bump, drive your self and follow your guide that will give you a few minutes of the geological history of fuerteventura. Some stops for photos and at the half of the track stop at the nice bar in parque holandes “don pepe”. If you dont make the corralejo buggies tour is the same that you go in florence and you dont see the “old bridge”! Drive your self the mad max buggies..only tube and engine, our buggies is the old stile,not like a jeep…real buggy tour!


Eco buggy volcano , cip munks, volcano and dunes playa

Enjoy your tour of the volcano area, twizy, gravel and silent track, cip munks, goath and beautiful scenery. After a visit inside the crater and a brief history of the volcanoes, we return to the beach of dunes to see the photos.
The soul of Fuerteventura: the volcano and the dunes in 1 safari. Buggies are the future and you bring change with us. Respect nature and more fun without smoke and noise.
Small gruop of 7/8 buggies max. Drive your new and fun Twizy car!